Career Anxiety

Imagine how your life would change for the better in your place of work if you no longer suffered from feelings of anxiety, panic and stress.

Notice feeling more confident and relaxed as your colleague’s or boss change their perception or attitude towards you in a more positive light.

Facing Reality

You cannot avoid reporting to your manager or boss, you have to negotiate sales or close important deals, perhaps you are interviewing someone for a new position or presenting your project to the team, all necessities of business life whether you like it or not.

Whatever the scenario it can be very uncomfortable for you because social anxiety is the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-conscious feelings, of being negatively judged and evaluated, and as a result leads to avoidance of social interactions.

Not exactly the mindset needed to help you up the career ladder or even smooth the path to entrepreneurship!

In short you will never reach your goals with social anxiety even though you feel you are controlling it with avoidance behaviours, i.e. not making key connections within your business, or you may even use escape behaviours such as cutting important meetings short because you are getting nervous and your heart is beating faster, then there is safety behaviours like averting your gaze which can sabotage you building rapport with clients or colleagues

Can I help?

YES I absolutely can help you beat social anxiety and start hitting your career goals as you confidently connect with authority figures peers, colleagues, clients and potential customers.

Success is about connection and communication and how you are perceived in the business arena is absolutely key to achieving your goals, your personal life will also reap the rewards of thriving in your career as you not only become happier within yourself, but are more fun to be around. .

Your mind craves connection and wants to avoid rejection yet right now your brilliant mind is linking pain to making social connection, whereas together with me we will link pleasure to social interactions that will not only positively impact your personal life, but your career will start to bear fruit also as you build friendships and become part of a team through rapport building and confident networking.

When your self-worth starts to rise that is how others will perceive you. Also we are attracted on some level to confident people who seem to have natural charisma and charm, if you don’t feel that you are “enough” then you should start working with me, I know for sure that you are enough.

The power is in understanding why you behave like you do, only then can you begin to change but it all comes down to choosing to take that first step and making an appointment with me.