Most relationships are formed within the first few moments of meeting someone for the first time through body language, tonality and micro expressions, this is how we have rapport with someone whether its on a date, a job interview, presenting or selling something to someone.

The fact is first impressions really do count and this is where anxiety thrives and sabotages your really connecting with people that matter in your life and ultimately impacting the kind of life you want to lead.

Instead of engaging confidently and communicating your point of view you have fear of the other person judging you as if you were not good enough, so then your heart rate increases and your heart starts pounding out of your chest, now you break eye contact and start jumbling your words and you just want to get out of the situation.

Sound Familiar?

You feel relieved that you got out of there right?, yet what have you missed out on…..?
Perhaps you missed out on meeting the person you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with or
even make a lifelong friend.

No Fear

Let me ask you to imagine for a moment what your life would look or feel like without a fear of being judged or feeling anxious, would you feel more confident? Or look more self assured , would your relationships improve as you now find it easier to form rapport with people and enjoy doing so? Social anxiety stops you from doing things outside of work that could be your passion, things like teaching workshops about something you’re passionate about or even stand up comedy could be your thing but at the moment you can’t see yourself physically doing that.

Stage fright could be your kryptonite when it comes to drama, or even your sporting performance could be impacted because your nerves get the better of you on the big occasions .

Speaking of big occasions are you putting your wedding off at the thoughts of all those people looking right at you?
And are you feeling anxious just by thinking about your big day?

Do you have to give a speech at a wedding and your sick to the pit of your stomach at the thoughts of messing it up on the bride and grooms big day? Self doubt creeping in and confidence knocked.

Finally put an end to your social anxiety nightmare with Rapid Transformational Therapy and live a life of freedom, choose to be confident interacting and engaging with other people as you become interested and interesting.

You see you cannot change by willpower alone, one of the rules of the mind is that every habit of action is run by a habit of thought, change your thoughts to change your actions i.e flight fright or freeze emotions that kick in when we become fearful or our body’s become stressed or anxious.

You can’t heal
what you can’t feel

Even very successful people with low self-esteem/social anxiety that are talented and driven to become high performers, do not think they are good enough. They can think that somehow they do not deserve success, perhaps leading to self-destructive habits such as addiction and anger issues.

Low self-worth can lead to anxiety and depression, leaving the world a dark place indeed.

Do you feel lonely and find it hard to connect with other people?
It doesn’t have to be like that anymore, I am here to help you by using the rules of the mind and implementing the core skills of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Together we can make meaningful lasting change in your world.

Allow me to take you on a journey of transformation, from dark to light, find out how you became the person you are now, and make the changes to any part of yourself that isn’t serving you in a way that you deserve.

Let me guide you and be your mentor on a path of realization, to know that you are ENOUGH, you are lovable, you matter, it’s about time you became your significant self.

As you are unique with a different story, my skill and talent is to implement the RTT modalities that are right for your personal transformation, in fact my greatest teachers are my incredibly brave clients.

Are you decisive, willing and and ready to change your self image?
I invite you to have a little courage and take a step to reclaim your life, take action and connect with me, Robert, today.